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Friday, 12 July 2019

What happened with Nobel in the grand finale of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

There is a lot of discussion going on in Bengal, with the result of the final episode of the song of G Bangla in West Bengal, India. In the event, an interview with Bangladeshi contestant Moinul Ahsan Nobel revived interest among the people.

What happened in the Grand Finale of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa? And in the quote quoted by an Indian audience reluctant to reveal the name of Grand Finalal, why-or-so-much dramatization of Nobel's performance and results-

On this occasion, on June 29, the grand finale program of G Bangla Sa Re Ga Ma Pa was organized at the World Bangla Convention Center in Rajarhat, West Bengal, India.

Invited guests were instructed to wear the white dress code, which many did not believe. It is said that Bangladesh will be present at the time of 3.00 pm with the beginning of the program.

Like all parents of Fional's parents, Noble father of Bangladesh, despite being ill, came as a guest and saw the boy's performance sitting in front of him.

He was seen coming from the taxi in front of the Convention Center. During this time he was accompanied by members of Nobelman band and Tanmay Pramanik of Kolkata.

Taking crowds in the crowd and accepting the seat seats were all in full swing of management.

At the time of admission, the authorities say that the ceremony will be completed by 12 o'clock in the night and will return to their home to eat the dinner. And those who wanted to take any food from the outside, they were forced to leave their food outside the gate and they were deposited in the form of stacks on one side. After all the invited guests entered the convention hall and after taking the seat, at 5pm, all the finalists were given flashback moments in a single screen on a big screen. After 5:30, the original formalization of the final means the first round performance starts.

Here all the participants present themselves on the stage with another guest artist. Here also the old Bengali stanbaji of the Bengali team was in the Bengali. As always, after the performance of everyone, Maunul Ahsan Nobel of Bangladesh was called on the stage.

At this time, with the Anupam Roy, Ayub Bachchu, 'Sai Tu', was distributed by the Nobel. After that, I sing Bangla song of 'Atul Prasad' - this song serves Nobel with his voice.

During this time, his fanbase kept his hand from burning his placard and mobile flashlight from his seat. When the song was finished, Judge Shantanu Maitri embraced the Nobel. Sukhwinder Singh, who was present as guest judge, said, "I became the fan of your Bengali song.

However, this event was not a golden guitar in the final. But the judges said that if the song is much better then the Golden Guitar button will be pressed.

After that the judges were submitting the Marks filled in the envelope to everyone. In the meantime, many get out of Convention Center for dinner. Because the performance of the second round of the final still remains.

Then some of the special guests and judges invited were shown on the big screen. All the food that was arranged outside the hall had to buy it with its own money. Authorities have not made any arrangements for invited guests.

At the time Nobel's father and Nobelman band members were sitting in a long line in the plate with a plate of food waiting to be seen as the others. Suddenly the rain started out, due to all the hazard-rushing.

Then the performance of the second round of the finals started at 11.45 in the night. Here at the end of the summit is called to perform the Nobel.

For the sake of all, the Nobel said some things and James' singing 'Bangladesh' to play with his fanbase was served on stage.

In the meantime, many people became emotional about listening to his songs, and in the meantime, the cordial rolls fell on all sides.

The night is about 0.24 minutes. Shortly after all the finalists were called on stage. The show's presenter wants to know something about the Sengupta Finalists.

Then the one whose fanbase placards put it above. This is the turn of the announcement of the results. Pritam is going to be the second runner up of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.

And not only Pritamai is another collective and he is, Nobel. It was almost completely silent in the meantime. When Nobel gave a result, a man present did not clap; The people of Bangladesh were few, and everyone else was Calcutta.

They all thought that the Nobel would dislike some good positions. How much damage can a stage hang in this way, what can anyone say?

Where Nobel could not believe in his own ears. And he himself got a kepen and heard his own result. Because it does not disadvantage such results ... glory and soft-heartedness where the first runner-up and ankita have been declared champions.

Anyway, I would rather talk about the fault than compare with others. The judges had selected everything. In the final, Judge Monali Thakur performed separately and also performed with Ankitara. But after a concert outside the country, he left the stage to catch the flight.

Many did not think about how a result of a professional jazz is in the immediate circumstances. This is perhaps the end of this ray mother's so much interest.

After seeing the real form of corruption in the shadows of corruption, no one else will love it.

Until the final is broadcast, the finalists have refused to make any kind of statement. This form of Ankita and Sainthujjit

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