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Saturday, 6 July 2019

Rifat took part in the killing of 20 people

The police said that the attack on Rifat Sharif of Barguna was done in a very well organized manner. At least 20 people were involved in the killing. In the statement, the Facebook Group 'Bond 007' was developed by Nayan, most of them were killed in the murder case.

So far, 11 people have been arrested in this case, 6 have already given their confessional statement to the court. In the meantime, Sagar and Nazmul Islam gave confessional statement yesterday. Chandan before, Md. Hasan, Aluullah and Tanvir Hasan gave the confessional statement. The first three of these four accused have been arrested.

Police sources said that six people who gave statements in court 164, admitted that they were present there while quashing Rifat Sharif. Received messages from Facebook messenger group 'Bond 007' and they appeared on the spot. There is no discussion in the group about the plan of murder. So they did not know. The attack was led by Sabbir Ahmed alias Nayon Bond, Rifat Farazi, and Rifat's younger brother Rishan Farzie. Rishan was not arrested yet.

One official said, Aluullah, Tanvir and others, in the statement, said that in the attack, at least 20 of the 007 group divided into small groups and took part in the killing. A group of pedestrians or Rifat Sharif could not come forward during the attack, it was the responsibility of a group to handle it. Another group was monitoring motorbikes of Nayan Bond, Rifat-Rishan Faraji, and other attackers, so that they could escape free of charge after the attack.

Barguna Additional Superintendent of Police Shahjahan said, in the statement given in the court, four accused have admitted their involvement in the killing.

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