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Thursday, 4 July 2019

International concerts in Saudi Arabia American. pop star Niki Minaj

The day shift has taken place in Saudi Arabia. The country is concerned about religious custom, the world is seeing a change in recent times. Saudi women have got legitimacy, driving women, going to the stadium, and watching concerts. Many debates have arisen, but many people have seen it in praise.

However, an international concert is going to be held in Jeddah town this year. And there will be the main singer, American pop star Niki Minaj. The concert is being held at King Abdullah Sports Stadium on July 18.

The news on the news of the golf news is that the announcement came from the concert organizers on local time Wednesday. However, this country, known as conservative, was surprised by the steps that many people have.

US media CNN reported in a report that Minaj has come to Saudi Arabia to join the Jeddah World Festival. This music festival will be held on July 18th. DJ Steve Aokey and singer Liam Pane will also participate in this. The Saudi authorities are giving visas to the international visitors who wish to attend this event.

For his apparent leiric and 'indecent' performance, Mirza is more familiar than what is known as Raphao. Still, how he got invited to Saudi Arabia, the question that revolves around is the question of the people who are turning round the question.
Niki Minaj

The Press The Guardian said that the ban on alcohol in the concert would be prohibited. Apart from this, women should wear Abaya (a kind of loose dress).

However, this is a part of women's chase. They said that Nikki Minaj's songs are sexually explicit and obscene. And the Saudi women who are present there have been told to wear shingles!

However, Saudi Arabia has recently come out of some restrictions. Last year, the ban on 35 year-old ban on the cinema hall, authorities and women were allowed to drive.

Under the Vision 2030, for the economic reconstruction of the country, the Saudi government is doing this. They are basically trying to reduce reliance on oil. That's why citizens are being given various opportunities for expenditure on the country.

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