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Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Electric train will run on Dhaka-Chittagong route

Efforts have been taken to start an electric train from Narayanganj to Dhaka and to Chittagong. As part of this, the Ministry of Railways has proposed a project titled "Probability Study for setting up of Electric Traction Overhead Catannery and Substation from Chittagong to Narayanganj Railway Station of Bangladesh".

It has been proposed to implement Tk. 12 million. Project evaluation committee (PEC) meeting will be held on Sunday's project proposal. Shamima Nargis, a member of the physical infrastructure department of the Planning Commission will preside over this. If the project is implemented, then there will be a revolutionary change in the country's rail transport sector.

Many officials of the planning commission told Jugantar that the proposed project is in the allocation of the revised Annual Development Program (ADP) allocated unutilized new project list of the newly completed 2018-19 fiscal year. After the project is approved, the Bangladesh Railway will implement the feasibility study within one year.

Railway Ministry Secretary on Wednesday. Mofazzel Hussain told Jugantar, Knowing from experts, if the project is implemented, the cost of the operation will be reduced. He further said, after generating power through the generator, diesel, then there is a train on that electricity. But if the new project is implemented, one step will be reduced. Then it will be possible to use electricity directly from the national grid.

Asked about the meeting of the PEC on Wednesday, Enayet Hossain, the former head of the physical infrastructure department, told Jugantna that there is no scope to see much as there is a feasibility study.

PEC meetings are usually seen as 'what kind of feasibility verification' will be seen. Recommendation was recommended after considering the procedures, status of proposed local and foreign consultants, etc. The Planning Minister has the jurisdiction to approve it for a project of less than 50 crore taka.

According to sources, through the proposed project, the feasibility of construction of Narayanganj-Dhaka-Chittagong section will be verified. Apart from this, appropriate technology will be recommended for overhead catalytic substation and future. Based on current and future power generation plans, the demand for electricity will be determined and availability will be given and future strategies will be recommended.

It will be possible to review the experience of other countries with natural and economic features like electronic traction and analyze sensitive issues related to taking different trajectory related to traffic prediction and level crossing gates.

According to the project proposal, if railway electrification is done it will be milestone for the Bangladesh Railway. As a result, this section will reduce the travel time and operational costs along with the introduction of high speed electric trains. Apart from this, the facilities of passengers will be increased. With the introduction of electric traction, the rail transport sector will play an important role in the national economy as well as massive changes.

Because the electric train is the highest load capacities and environmentally friendly. Besides, transport costs of trains are also low. Thinking about these things, a project proposal was proposed in the Planning Commission at a cost of 9.77 million taka in 2016 for verification of feasibility. PEC meeting was held on 31 January of that year. According to the decision of the meeting, the project proposal was reconstituted and sent to the planning commission at a cost of Tk 1.25 crore. Later, when the proposal was presented to the Planning Minister, he wrote the talk.

In this context, the discussion was discussed with the Planning Minister. At this time, he instructed the Bangladesh Railway technical team, the director general and the ministry officials to hold meetings with the officials to verify the logic of the project. In the meeting, the meeting was held in favor of the probability of probation from Narayanganj to Chittagong and from Narayanganj to Joydevpur without validating feasibility.

Then again, when the proposal was sent to the Planning Minister, he would write on the file. There was no further progress in this regard. For this, suggestions for the new PEC meeting have been sent for re-reviewing the overall issues including the review of the project.

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