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Saturday, 6 July 2019

1 million 38 thousand killed in a snake bite a year

More than 80 thousand to 1, 38 thousand people die of snake bites annually. And the bite of snakes bites from one lakh 80 thousand to two and a half thousand 70 thousand people. Recently, the World Health Organization WHO (WHO) reported. But they say that in fact this number is much more.

Due to the lack of proper treatment and poisoning (antivannum), the number of deaths in snake bites is more in developing countries. To reduce mortality in snake bites, 'Hu' has taken up the plan by 2030. The main goal of this plan is to enhance the system of antivanum and treatment.

The report says that the rate of death of snakes in South Asian countries and African countries is alarming. On the other hand, in America and Europe, there are fewer snake bites. Only five people die each year in the United States. In many European countries, snake bites are not dead.

'Hu' said, the cause of more deaths in Africa, South and South-East Asia, and not enough medical treatment. With him is the superstition. For this reason, 80 percent of the people who eat straw rely on the flutter and the ozha. That is why death is increasing.

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